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Tubbs: Rough Road, Happy Life

Moon Island held mystique and promise. Life was supposed to be roses and rainbows in the land of enchantment.

Rollin' With the FlowCollapse )

With last night still heavy on his mind, Pierce is unsure of how to approach D'Andra about what happened. He knows she'll believe him. But he has no idea how to begin the conversation, so instead, he follows her lead and talks about cuisine. Still, he doesn't feel quite like himself.

My Turn With The CrestfieldsCollapse )

Birmington: Family Time

The Birmington's are a close knit family, despite their unconventional nature.

Chester, his adopted daughter Portia and sons Carmen and Carson playing a rousing game of 'Don't Wake the Llama.' They love spending time together as a family.
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Crestfield: Otherworldly Delights

No two people were more in love than D'Andra and Pierce Crestfield.

These newlyweds are deeply passionate, both for each other, and for their Search for Knowledge.Read More...Collapse )

Eady: Party Animal

While everyone at the Tubbs household is exhausted all the time, things are going swimmingly at the Eady's beach house.


The family is spending the last day of summer lazing around the beach.

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Tubbs: Hard Days Night

When Ida Mae's son Johnny and his family moved in with her, she didn't assume it would be easy. Life had already dealt her some hard blows... the death of her son, Clem Jr, followed so closely by that of his father.

Not that having her only remaining son or her grandchildren with her in her remaining years was necessarily a "blow" to her. It wasn't in the least, so loved her son and her grandchildren dearly.

They were a very close knit family, however, and Ida Mae firmly believed that their closeness would carry them through anything life threw at them.

Johnny and his family weren't in the house with her for no more than a day when some of the neighbors showed up to welcome them.

That would be Chester and Christopher Birmington, who didn't seem to mind poor DJ's bladder needs in the least.Read More...Collapse )

Our Neighborhood

Here's some pics so you can see it!

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Newest House

Was experimenting a bit with levels on this one. I plan on doing more like this to see what else I can do.