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D’Andra had just woken up in the morning after another disappointing night of ghost hunting, showered and gotten dressed for the day, when her husband’s sharp cry of pain stopped her in her tracks.  

Pierce was pregnant, of course, following his well-timed alien adventure.  Lately, he’d been sleeping in and D’Andra hadn’t wanted to wake him this morning, when he seemed to be sleeping more heavily than usual.  

However, it was hard to ignore the screams as they grew louder and more shrill...

The cause of his screams, naturally... or unnaturally, as the case may be... was the baby which had finally decided to make it’s debut in their family.

Correction... babies!  Piece had given birth to alien twins... Aeryn, a girl child with Piece’s blue eyes and D’argo, a boy with sparkling black eyes.  Both of them were green-skinned, and otherwise healthy and perfect.

Of course, with two babies instead of the one they expected, the nursery D’Andra had so lovingly decorated needed to be be revamped a bit to accommodate two cribs.

Because one just wasn’t going to be enough!

The couple soon discovers that twins are a lot of hard work, even as babies.  D’Andra loves them both as if she had given birth to them herself.  

While Pierce unwinds a little, D’Andra occupies herself with reading parenting books.  She knows alien children will be a little different than others, but she is willing to do everything to anticipate their needs.  

Also, she’s becoming more and more discouraged with her efforts to see ghosts.  It just isn’t working.  Several nights a week, she meets with her paranormal group, but always to no results.

After one such an uneventful evening, she comes home to seek solace with her husband.  As they gaze at the stars, D’Andra admits that while the paranormal group does have fun together, they aren’t as organized as she had dreamed.  

“At least you got your dream, Pierce,” she told him sadly.

“Don’t talk like that, Dee,” he told her.  “It’ll happen for you, too, someday.”

In the meantime, the twins were growing up and soon it was time for their birthday.  

D’argo Crestfield...

… and his sister, Aeryn.

Pierce uses a special formula he read about in a scientific journal to help boost the twins’ learning abilities.  They quickly master all the essential skills and can soon walk, talk and use the potty.  Which is good, because with two of them, they’re going through diapers like you wouldn’t believe!

But as Pierce watches his life’s dream coming true, he worries for his wife.  Will D’Andra ever see ghosts?  Or will she give up that dream, watching it grow cold?  


Feb. 7th, 2011 12:47 pm (UTC)
She'll either finally see ghosts ... or become one herself ... if she's not careful.