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Birmington: We All Are Family

Big changes are coming to the Birmington family. Christopher and Chester have decided to adopt another child. With Portia on her way to college soon, there's room for more than one more child in their home. The kids aren't so much concerned about having a new family member as they are the size of the home. There's no room for another child, and Chester takes a few moments to talk to Carmen about his concerns. It's an open communication policy in the Birmington household. The home is going to undergo some major renovations. It's time that the home meet all their needs.

The new Birmington home. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and more than enough room for all the friends that the children entertain.

One day, after school, Mylie brings over her friend Marilee. Carmen had heard through the rumor mill at school how Donovan had treated Marilee after losing to her playing video games. Information on the catastrophe had spread like wildfire! Personally, Carmen thought Donovan was nuts. Marilee was great! He wasn't sure, but he could possibly be feeling more then friendship for Marilee. Did she feel the same?

For Chester, he loves having kids around. It's normal to have several neighborhood kids over for dinner. He hopes the newest member of the family won't feel overwhelmed.

After homework, the kids gather in the boys' room for TV and fun. Carmen knew he shouldn't have worried. The dads made sure the house was completely equipped for teenage entertainment. Video games, television, and music. What more could they want?! And he was finding more and more that he was attracted to Marilee. The more she was around; the more he liked having her around.

That night, a huge snowstorm hits. Will the kids have to go to school? Chester worries about them being on the road in the weather. Sure, they'll all ride the bus, even though Portia likes to drive most days, but still, he can't help but worry as he watches the storm brew outside.

After all their friends leave for the night, Carmen takes a minute to ask Portia about Marilee. What should he do? He REALLY likes her, and who knows more about relationships than Portia? She's in a very successful one. Her and Devon are inseparable.

Sadly, the Moon Island school district does not cancel school. As the rest of the family heads off to work and school, Chester settles in for his daily practice at the piano. It will keep his mind off the fact that his kids are on the dangerous roads. That and the newest member of the family would arrive soon. It was an anxious morning for him and the piano always soothed him.

FINALLY, the social worker arrives.

Tina Birmington exits the mini van. For her young life, she's been in and out of so many foster homes. She had been told about the Birmington's and their unique situation. Tina doesn't mind. All she wants is for this to be her last family. She wants this one to work. She's nervous and really hopes they like her.

Chester so wishes the rest of the family could be here for this moment. Then again, it will also give himself and Tina a chance to bond.

"I'm Chester. Welcome to the family."

"I'm Tina."

He shouldn't have worried. More importantly, he sees the light in her eyes when he explains that they aren't going to keep her from her former foster siblings if she wants to continue to see them. He can't help but smile as Tina calls her former foster brother to tell him all about her new home.

And who knew she had a natural interest in playing the piano?! Chester is beyond ecstatic!

Portia is more than thrilled to come home and meet her new sister. As a celebration, Portia takes her new sister shopping. Tina knows right away that she's going to love her big sister. Portia is completely awesome!

While Portia buys some new clothes, Tina makes her way to the pet store for some fun. The family has a cat, but she's always loved birds.

When they make their way home, Chester and Christopher have a surprise for the newest member in the family. Tina can't believe it! She mentioned to Chester... Dad... that she'd always wanted to feel like a fairy tale princess and this is what they did for her!! It's the best room she's ever had!!!! A total dream come true!

With everything in order, the kids home and happy, the dads take a few moments to themselves. Chester loves the new home and everything about it, especially the new kitchen.

Young love is grand. Portia and Devon both hope it will last forever. She just can't believe how much in love she is with him. Going steady is wonderful, but her mind is leaning toward grander schemes than that. They're both going to the same college and there are co-ed dorms. But maybe, just maybe, the new independence will lead to more than just a promise ring.

Another round of snow and the family finally gets the call. IT'S A SNOW DAY! The kids are so excited that they can barely contain themselves.

Portia uses the day to sharpen her dancing skills. She's hoping for an additional scholarship. A career in dance would be totally awesome!

Carmen decides that he wants to spend more time with Marilee and invites her over. After his talk with Portia, he knows what he wants to do. Hopefully, Marilee feels the same way.

Christopher has the day off as well and he uses it to make some pottery. It's his time to enjoy for himself and share handmade gifts with the family. As a 'welcome to the family' gift, he makes a tea set for Tina. She loves it.

Tina uses the day to show off a hidden talent to her sister. She excels at gymnastics. The girl loves to tumble!

Once her chores are done, Marilee is able to visit Carmen. He can't help but smile as he sees her approach their home. Could this be the day for both of them? He hopes so!


He asks-- SHE SAYS YES!!

They're going steady! In the days that come, as Marilee faces the first REAL heartache of her life, she's going to need Carmen and his strong sense of family to help her through it all. Can young love withstand it?

As Chester takes the time to bond with his newest child, he realizes how quickly all the kids are growing up. Carmen is going steady with Marilee. He can hear them outside as they celebrate. Portia is learning how to be a fantastic big sister to a little sister and her relationship with Devon is the real thing. He has little doubt that she's met her soulmate. Carson, the quiet one of the family, is doing extremely well in school. He focuses on his schoolwork more than the other children, preferring a smaller group of friends which includes Devon's younger brother, Donovan. Chester worries about Donovan and his carefree ways. He knows all about his Uncle Dash, and only hopes that Carson can help Donovan stay focused. Christopher is on his way to a new promotion and loves his job. Leaving Tina as his main concern. He knows she doesn't fully trust them yet. Not really. He believes she wants to and believes she is finding real happiness with them. But her grades in school are horrible. She's not fully focusing. But there's time, and she's had so much to adjust to. The other kids went through it as well. It would all work out in the end. This family believed and supported one another, it was their differences that made them so strong.


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Feb. 28th, 2011 03:59 am (UTC)
They adopted Tina Traveler!! How cool is that?!? I think at least one of her bio 'rents is still alive in the townie pool. I can't remember what I did with them.

Awww! Look at all the young love!

I love the new house! It's got sooo much space!
Feb. 28th, 2011 04:01 am (UTC)
ETA: where is Carson? I see Carmen and Portia, but no Carson.
Apr. 6th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
Carson didn't do much this round for me. Homework... and he fell in love with the video game so left to his own devices, that's what he did.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
What an awesome house. Man. It's HUGE! What are their bills like I wonder? But congrats to Carmen and Marilee. I hope their love lasts beyond college.
Apr. 6th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
I think it was around 700 simoleons, so not overly much for them. They're independently wealthy-ish.
Apr. 6th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
Wow, sending one kid off to college and adopting another one? Brave men!

The new home looks AMAZING!! :D I'm glad Carmen spoke up about the house being too small. *claps*

Aww, I think Carmen and Marilee would be rather cute together too. :-)

*crosses her fingers for a snow day for the kids* And that's cool that Carmen went to Portia for advice on Marilee. *comforts Chester* I'm sure the bus driver will be careful with all the kids he has in his care.

*waves hello to Tina* I suspect she's going to LOVE being in the Birmington family. (Especially since she loves the piano too!)

Aww, that's sweet that the dads quickly redecorated her room for her after that comment about wanting to be a princess! Not that I'm surprised they'd be that awesome.

WOOT! I looks like Carmen and Marilee are hitting it off well. *claps* And good luck to Portia and Devon. Hopefully college only strengthens their bond.

*snickers loudly at the cheering kids* Snow days are totally awesome! Congratulations on going steady, Carmen and Marilee. :D

This family really is my favorite. They're just so sweet! *melts*
Apr. 6th, 2011 10:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I have a blast playing them too. Chester just seems to want to be surrounded by kids... and kittens. His LTW is to raise 50 kittens. *g* Glad you like the house. I originally wanted the ranch, but with the way this family is, it seems to be a bit more realistic to go with the two story so they have room. There's always a ton of sims hanging out so they really needed the room. :)
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