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Tubbs: All Good Things

To say life was good was an understatement if anyone asked Johnny Tubbs. It was good. He had a wonderful, beautiful wife. Three great children. Not to mention his mother and Earnie. They'd weathered the storm, and now, all Johnny wanted was to settle into a routine. Well, that and become an elementary school teacher. There was a possibility that a position would open in the spring. If he played his cards right, it would be his.

But first Marilee comes down with the flu, and then Mason. So much for routine. And now, Johnny's wondering if maybe they should put off having any more children... forever. He has no idea how to deal with one sick child, let alone two.

Grandma knows that a bowl of her famous soup will fix everyone up in no time.

The soup hits the spot for sure and both children are cured. Ida Mae is a miracle worker! The soup doesn't take affect in time for the kids to go to school and both have to stay home, missing important work that they'll have to make up later. They do use the time to enjoy some of their favorite activities, and Ida has to admit that she likes having them home. And while Mason enjoys his game, Lydia uses the new easel they purchased. Yes, it cost valuable simoleons, but it's an investment in their future. Lydia's boss has promised her a promotion if she increases her creativity. The promotion will help them all.

A call from the studio informs the family that Earnie is in line for a new promotion as well. To help the family out, Ida Mae gives Earnie a bath and then they linger a few moments for a good, long belly rub. Those are Earnie's favorite. She knows a happy pet is more likely to be a cooperative one. And the family needs the promotion.

For her part, Marilee teaches Earnie to play dead. If he can nail this scene at work, there's no doubt that he'll get that big promotion!

That night, the snow really picked up and DJ couldn't help but hope that school would be canceled. He had to admit that he was more than a bit jealous that Marilee and Mason got to stay home from school and he had to go. Alas, it wasn't meant to be and all three kids headed to school the next day.

Fact is, the entire family is working hard to obtain promotions and find some stability in their financial situation. Johnny even practices his public speaking into the wee hours of the night. He's up so late that he hears his mother wake early from sleep and hears her padding around the house. It concerns him, but sleep beckons. All this hard work could go for naught if he goes to work exhausted.

Ida Mae isn't sure what's wrong, but she's not sleeping at night. She uses the time to catch up on her house chores. She knows that there's been a yearning inside of her that can't seem to be quenched.

She wonders if that chance meeting with Waylond Fairchild has anything to do with her unease. It was nice connecting with someone outside her family. Not that she doesn't love her family beyond reason, but it was nice to speak with a man her own age again. It was very nice.

And the next day isn't any better. Ida Mae gives into the need to nap... something she's never done during the day!

But she doesn't have much time to ponder it all. The whirlwind that is life took over and the family rejoices at Earnie's news. He is now a MAJOR STAR! He earned that big promotion and then some. He's the talk of all Moon Islands. His fabulous performance shows his true star quality, but that's something the entire family's always known. Earnie has always been a star to them.

Even Mason has good news! Being sick the day before, he has the opportunity to make up a report he missed on Mesopotamia. He nailed it! His A+ is every bit as big news as Earnie's promotion. DJ's first response is to call Elizabeth and share the news with her. Maybe he'll even ask her out on a date Friday night. With the string of good luck the family's having, maybe it will rub off on him.

Johnny and Mason share an excited hug when Mason gets home. They'd worked so hard on that report. It was great that all the effort paid off. He couldn't wait to share the good news with Lydia when she got home.

Lydia's promotion comes through that day too! The good news just continues to flow for the Tubbs family. A brief phone conversation with Johnny results in a trip to the beauty parlor and a new hairdo for Lydia. She's not sure if she'll keep it, but the change is fun. But on her way home, she starts to feel a little ill and wonders if she's catching what Marilee and Mason had. A hot bowl of Ida Mae's soup fixes her up, and she can happily share the results of her makeover with her family.

The celebration lasts well into the night. Marilee and Mason share a dance before bed.

Winter turns to spring and Ida Mae takes the opportunity to start her spring tomatoes. Yes, the family is doing well and can afford to have groceries delivered on a regular basis, but old habits die hard and she can't not plant the garden. But it's becoming more and more evident to her that something is wrong. She often finds herself falling into bouts of tears. She never lets her family see her cry. She's had a great life, even if it's been a rough one at times. Things are going great now... so why is she so depressed?!

Back inside, Marilee is feeling some stirrings of her own. She's a teenager now, in full-blown, pimply-faced teenager mode. And in a house so crowded, with only one bathroom, it's hard to get a moment to herself to... well... practice being romantic. Mason is never going to let her live it down. The teasing will go on for years.

But her newly learned skills pay off when she flirts with Donovan Eady and he gets off the bus with her! She couldn't believe it! He has a reputation, and she knows it. But what girl doesn't like a bad boy?! And Donovan Eady is very cute.

Sadly, things don't work out as well as Marilee had hoped. Donovan did not take well to her winning the video game. How was she to know boys could be so sensitive! She beat DJ and Mason all the time and they never reacted like this. Boys are so confusing.

As Johnny pulls up to the house, he sees the Eady boy stomping home. But he finally has some news to share of his own. The promotion came through and he's the newest elementary teacher. All the hard work, all the months of substituting have paid off. He's now a full-time employee, with benefits and a steady salary. What can go wrong now?

Looking at the clock, it's 6pm and Ida moves from the couch to head for the kitchen. It's time for the evening meal. She's trying to decide between hamburgers and spaghetti when a sharp pain hits her in the chest. She hears Johnny's astonished cry, but that's all she hears.

Now it all makes sense. The unease, the depression, the tiredness. It's time. It's her time to move on to the next phase in existence.

Ida Mae and the Grim Reaper meet in a sad farewell for her family. Ida goes with it willingly. She knows she'll be with her husband again, and she knows Johnny will take care of the family. They've all worked so hard to earn promotions, to gain financial stability. Her life inside the small house was a very, very happy one. She has no regrets as she goes off with Death. None at all. She knows that they'll also be surprise (and someday it will be pleasantly) to know that she had a bit of a nest egg that they'll all be able to share. Buying that life insurance was the best thing she could have done.

That night, Johnny and Lydia relax in bed and use the time to talk. They can hear their children grieving in their rooms. They know, in some ways, Marilee is having the worst of it. She and Ida Mae would lay in bed at night and talk about everything. Sharing a room made them so very close. And for the first time, Marilee slept in that room alone.

"Lydia," Johnny said, his eyes not leaving the ceiling. "I think I want to have another child."

A small smile spreads across her face. Lydia was destroyed to come home from work and find Ida Mae had passed so suddenly. She even left work early to come home to be with them. "I thought you had misgivings about bringing another child into the family."

"I did. But that was before." He had to stifle a cry. There would be so many tears in the days to come. "I want to have a girl."

"I don't know that we can actually choose."

"Still, it's what I want. I want a girl, and I want to name her Mae."

Lydia nodded. If she could choose, she would. She liked the name Mae. It would be perfect.

That night, Marilee slept in her grandmother's bed. The grief was palpable for her. This was her room, and her room alone now. She didn't have her grandmother's soft snores to help her drift off to sleep, so what sleep she did get was in fits and spurts. She closed her eyes, and saw Grandma clutch her chest and then fall to the floor. The scene played over and over in her young mind. What would happen to all of them now that Grandma was gone? Who would fix them the cure-all soup? Who would tuck them in at night? Who would swear that everything was going to be all-right, even when it was all at the worst? And before they went to bed, her father had made arrangements to have her buried, not at home, but at the town cemetery. Grandma would want to be here with them. But now, everything was going to change... everything.

But exhaustion eventually won over and Marilee drifted off with the scent of her grandmother around her. It wasn't her only comfort though. An image, not brief, came to her mind. A last gift from her grandmother. A farewell just for her. A touch of love. A memory to last Marilee her entire life.

RIP- Ida Mae Tubbs


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Feb. 13th, 2011 01:50 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwww! I knew it was coming, but I had hoped I'd see her one more time before she died. RIP Ida Mae!

If the baby didn't take I'll have them try again on my watch. Marilee should take over her Gramma's garden. That would be fitting.

Feb. 13th, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)
It would be. And I have to say, the timing of this was not fun for me. Hit just a bit too close to home, if you know what I mean. I did try to get her out of the red and back up to gold before she passed, but she was so depressed. I'd fill a want and she'd drop way back down very quickly.

Also, didn't get to do much with DJ. With Marilee, Mason, and then Lydia getting sick, it seems there was a lot of soup consumption going on. They did get promotions though, so that will help. If you don't like Lydia's hair, feel free to flip it back. I just did it as a bit of a 'celebration'. It doesn't have to be permanent.
Feb. 13th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
Keeping CAS elders happy is hard. They hit a point where, if they haven't fulfilled their LTW, you can't keep them happy because they know their pixellated little lives are almost over.

Looks like you did a good job, though!

I do like Lydia's hair. You may not remember this, but I orginally created her looking like this. I think AnyGameStarter (what I;m using so we both have the same eps) snuck in some of my Sims Store content, and I didn't realize it was a Sims Store hair until she came back from you setting up the hood with a different hair.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)
Wow ...! Look at all of the promotions. Looks like things are looking up for the family.

Oops. Spoke too soon.

;__; So long Ida Mae. ;__; You will be missed.
Apr. 6th, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC)
I'm sure they'll be good again. This family is soooo resilient!
Apr. 6th, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
Poor Johnny. Everything's going so swimingly and then a couple of sick kids throws him off track? *comforts Johnny*

Yay for Ida Mae's soup! *clap* I'm sure the kids are just heartbroken about having to stay home though. *giggles*

Good luck on Lydia's and Ernie's impending promotions! *crosses her fingers*

Aww, poor DJ. It's good not to be sick, but it stinks having to go to school when your siblings don't.

*blinks* Is Ida Mae getting horny or something? *peers* Oh, no, I hope she's okay!

Congratulation, Ernie!! *tosses doggie treats at the big star* And congrats to Mason! *claps* Oh, wow, this is a day of great news for the family! *cheers loudly for Lydia* I like Lydia's new hairstyle. :D

Oh, no. What's wrong with Ida Mae? She's got great grandchildren and her family adores her!

Uh-oh. Poor Marilee.

Woot! Congrats on getting the cute bad boy to come home with you! Oh, dear. So he's a bit of a twit, eh? *comforts Marilee*

Congratulations, Johnny! I'm sure the family isn't swimming in cash, but hopefully things means you're no longer living on the edge.

NOOOO!! Poor Ida Mae. :( At least she lived a long and happy life and was surrounded by a loving family at the end. *mourns Ida Mae* (That's cool though that she left them a little money with a life insurance policy like that!)

Aww, that's sweet that they want to have a baby girl and name her Mae. But poor Marilee. :( That's got to be extremely rough for her, having shared a room with her grandmother and just now reaching the age where she'd really want her around for advice. *huggles Marilee*
Apr. 6th, 2011 10:45 pm (UTC)
I have the hardest time with this family because of the funds. I'm generally more used to families that have money. With this one, I tend to get so focused on meeting their basic needs that I forget fun stuff. It's getting better, though. It's just sad that Ida Mae is gone. I adored her!
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