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Tubbs: All Good Things

To say life was good was an understatement if anyone asked Johnny Tubbs. It was good. He had a wonderful, beautiful wife. Three great children. Not to mention his mother and Earnie. They'd weathered the storm, and now, all Johnny wanted was to settle into a routine. Well, that and become an elementary school teacher. There was a possibility that a position would open in the spring. If he played his cards right, it would be his.

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Stanton: Family Matters

In the Stanton household, the day started early with Myles being woken up by their new cat, Allegra.  His wife was up already, giving the baby a bottle and fixing breakfast for the kids before school.  

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Birmington: We Are Fam-i-ly!

Welcome to a typical morning in the Birmington household.  Chester and Carmen dancing around like fools while Christopher waves “good morning” to his other son from across the room.  read moreCollapse )

D’Andra had just woken up in the morning after another disappointing night of ghost hunting, showered and gotten dressed for the day, when her husband’s sharp cry of pain stopped her in her tracks.  
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Eady: Too Much Fun? What's That Mean?

It looks like Daniel’s finally off the couch and back in the bedroom.  Finally.  He and Cecily worked out their problems and frustrations... and Daniel got busy working hard to make up for his demotion.  
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Tubbs: Plenty to be Thankful For

Sleep is not an easy thing to come by in the Tubbs household these days.  At least not for Johnny and Lydia, who share a room with their youngest son, Mason.  read moreCollapse )

Birmington: Our Two Dads

Portia considers herself to be very lucky. She has not only one father, but two. She loves making soup from her grandma's (Chester's mother) secret recipe and sharing it with those she loves.

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Stanton: Life of Ease

Everyone looks across from the main island toward the Stanton house and wonders how the excessively rich family really gets along. All that money surely can't buy happiness. Well, everyone would be wrong.

Myles and Marissa are very much in love.

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Eady School Stinks

Eady household went through a period of time where their need for fun and games overshadowed everything... including school.

Cecily squeezes one more afternoon soaking up some rays on the beach. She can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by. Tomorrow school will start in again and life will have to return to schoolwork and chores.

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